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"One pot, one world, one paradise" Self-hey pot builds 10 billion destiny community

    Originally titled "One pot, one world, one paradise" Self-hey pot forges ten billion destiny community

    Speaking of the most popular food among young consumers nowadays, I have to mention that in March 2018, self-heating hot pot, which started to explode from micro-blog, is "self-hey hot pot". So, how hot is "Ziheguo"? I can use a set of data to say: on March 31, 2018, since the launch of Pantianmao flagship store, 24 hours have reached the proud result of "single product sales first in the network". Then on the day of "618", Tianmao and Jingdong double platforms have achieved the first sales success; and then to "Shuang11" preheating, the first year of "Shuang11" since the Pantianmao. It also won the honor of "the first sales volume of single product in the whole network". It can be seen from this that the degree of explosion of Zihei pot and its irresistible momentum.

    This spring Chengdu Sugar and Wine Festival is such a good opportunity, self-hey pot will not miss! This is not true. Taking advantage of the gathering of the food industry, Zihewo held a grand "National Distributor Conference and New Product Investment Conference 2019" in Chengdu on March 18. We have gathered high-quality distributors from all over the country to join hands to fight CALL for the future strategic direction of Zihewo and the 10 billion plan.


    Seeing the Future in the Great Changes of Logic Series

    As one of the key meetings of the "Zi-hi pot" strategic policy release, this new product investment conference released the brand-new products of Zi-hi pot in 2019, and formulated a sound distribution and landing policy. At the same time, in order to clearly distinguish the channel channels between online and offline, Ziheguo developed different products of self-heating series, and set up corresponding sales channels and price bands according to the characteristics of the products. The whole exhibition, "Self-hey pot" is full of sincerity. It solves many existing problems for the dealers, and gives the dealers a very generous rebate policy. It will help the dealers to open up new sales channels with intimate and in-place services, while the dealers need to choose according to their own regional location and corresponding channel characteristics. The product category of the agent really makes it possible for all distributors to have no worries at all. Therefore, the whole exhibition, the distributors present feel very excited, applause is also a burst of loud for a while! 第二、第二、第二、第二章

    At the same time, the presenters of this "Zi-hi pot" conference are the real leaders and decision makers of "Zi-hi pot", and they have a very clear understanding of the future strategic direction of "Zi-hi pot". Curiously, the title of its leadership borrows the names of the heroes in the Avenger Alliance in Manwei. For example, Mr. Shi Fupeng, CEO of Ziheguo, calls himself "Team Beauty" which implies team leader, and other related titles, such as Iron Man, Phantom and so on. Guided by the forecast of China's catering industry in the next few years, US Team has pointed out the future development direction and possibility of "Ziheguo". In this regard, he said, "China's catering industry will enter the threshold of 4 trillion yuan in 2018, 30 trillion yuan in convenience by 2021, and 3.3 billion yuan in market space by 2022 when no one is convenient. Therefore, Ziheguo has very strong development potential and great prospects. At the same time, we positioned ourselves as the pioneer of self-heating food and beverage. We deepened our consumer impression through the brand trilogy. From the perspective of propaganda, we created a trilogy: hot pot from space, half of the entertainment circles are eating, and eat self-heating pot whenever you want to.

    Secondly, in terms of products and channels, "Mei Team" introduced: "In fact, the investment behind the"Zi Hi Pan"series products is beyond imagination, with 10 million R&D investment, combined with 100 million Internet exposure, and visited and screened more than 500 food suppliers, the average daily work within the team is more than 16 hours. At the same time, in terms of channels,'Zi-hi pot'has constructed a tight distribution network of'Zi-hi pot' series products through six channels: business, Tetong, stores, Yundian, community and overseas. What we need to do is not the short-lived'net red'products, but the real explosive products that can sell well for a long time! _________ The speech of "American Team" is strong and powerful. It is amazing that it shows strong self-confidence in "self-hey pot".


    Dual-pronged "Self-hey pot" to push new products

    在现场新闻发布会上,“子喜锅”是以原有品牌为基础,新衍生品系列以紫金盆为基础——自加热小壶,浸泡在HI中。Self-heating pot series products, based on the unique advantages of self-heating pot, are effectively separated from the same type of products in the market. The self-heating pot ser





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